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What Our Clients Say

"Thank you HelpCare+ for literally being a life saver!"

-Erica V.

"As a new mother, it is much more convenient to jump on a video call with a doctor and get a prescriptions than schedule an appointment in person and try to get myself and baby there. I would recommend."

-Kaci I.

"I've used HelpCare+ for a few years and recommend it to everyone."

-Lisa W.

"Now I can afford to get the medicine I need. The Peace of Mind it gives me is priceless."

-Chad G.

"Excellent choice for doctors care at home helped with all my needs and were very kind and precise"

-Robert F.

"Way less expensive than insurance or copay! No hassle doctor appointment!"

-Kelly C.

"I really need help with sleeping and HelpCare+ is the only affordable site. Thank you."

-Jessica M.

"They are there for you when you need them most."

-Wendy P.

"Very quick and much better than waiting around in room with other sick people"

-Joshua M.